Project Management

  • Process Criteria

  • Process Integration Analysis

  • Project Controls & Scheduling

  • Preliminary Engineering / FEED Studies

  • HAZOP Studies

  • Process Flow Diagrams

  • Alternatives Evaluation

  • ROI Analysis

  • Economic Feasibility Studies

  • Existing Facility Evaluation

Process / Mechanical

  • Heat and Material Balances

  • BFDs, PFDs and P&IDs

  • Process Evaluations & Simulations

  • Hydraulic Calculations and Analysis

  • Pressure Relief Design and Validation

  • Flare Studies

  • Equipment Sizing Based on Various Industry Standards

  • Process Feasibility Studies

Civil / Structural

  • Site Preparation

  • Shallow & Deep Foundations

  • Piles & Pile Caps

  • Retaining Structures

  • Storm Water Management

  • Containments

  • Cellular Cofferdams

  • Sheet Pile Bulkhead & Walls

  • Complex Structures for Wind, Seismic & Dynamic Forces

  • Crane Girder Runway Analysis, Design & Evaluation

  • Docks, Piers & Wharves

  • Transmission, Communications & Cellular Towers

  • Heli-Piles

  • Tunnels & Vaults

  • Dams & Levees

  • Highway, Railroad & Pedestrian Bridges

Piping Design

  • 3-D Equipment and Piping Modeling

  • General Arrangements, Piping Plans, Sections and Details, Piping Isometrics and Pipe Support Details

  • Material Selection and Pipe Spec Development including FRP, HPDE and PVC

  • Static and Dynamic Piping Stress Analysis

  • Cathodic Protection Design

  • Piping Design Across a Wide Range of Industries including B31.1, B31.3, B31.4 and B31.8 designs including high pressure gas and steam systems

  • Storage Tank and Pressure Vessel bid drawings and nozzle location plans

  • Modular design of meter skids and pipe racks

  • Pipeline Design

Electrical / Instrumentation

  • Overhead Pole Line Design to 345KV Using PLS-Cadd®

  • Substation Layout / Equipment Specs / Protective Relaying

  • Electrical Equipment Layouts and Specifications

  • Conduit and Cable Tray Design / Sizing / Routing

  • Ground Systems Calculations / Analysis

  • Short Circuit / Arc Flash Calculations Using SKM®

  • I/O Panel Design / Layout with Termination Drawings

  • Valve and Instrument Specifications

  • Fiber Optic Network Design

  • Lighting Design


  • Engineering From Concept through Production Support

  • Retrofits and Upgrades

  • Customized or Standardized Programs and Processes

  • PLC and HMI SCADA Programming

  • Communications – Platform to Platform or Old to New

  • Yokogawa, Rockwell, Siemens, GE, Schneider, Emerson

  • Yokogawa and Rockwell System Integrator

  • DC and Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

  • Panel Shop, Factory and In-House Simulation Testing

  • Construction Support

  • Start-up and Commissioning Support

  • Documentation - Studies, Estimates, Functional Specs, Training

  • Remote Diagnostics

Field Services

  • Information Coming Soon

Key Differentiators

  • Information Coming Soon

CSD Pipeline Services

CSD Pipeline has the experience to keep pipeline projects safe, compliant with DOT regulations, on time, and on budget.  Pipeline inspection services we offer are: CM, Chief, CWI, CPWI, NACE, API 653/510, Civil, Mechanical, E&I, Safety, Environmental, DOT Admin, field clerk, cost control, scheduler, as-built, expeditor, shop fab, and vendor surveillance.

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